About Carlton Thurman and his redoubtable Field Guide

The Liberal Field Guide has two primary purposes. (1) To elaborate a consistent set of principles and policy-positions for fellow liberals; and (2) to point out conservatism’s many flaws. We aim to make liberals smarter, sharper and better-informed; and conservatives extinct.

We all know the feeling of getting stuck beside a conservative socially – at a meeting, a gathering, a party, etc. The Liberal Field Guide will give you all you need to maneuver the miscreant to the floor, and pin him to the mat in a few deft moves.

Being drawn to liberalism is by itself a powerful indication of intelligence and sensitivity – the LFG seeks to hone the sensibilities of like-minded individuals, to make them more powerful in debate, and more refined in their everyday encounters – so they can be better citizens, aiding in the dissemination and acceptance of superior public policies.

SUPPORT THE GUIDE – Help us out by sharing our website with friends via social media. Come back and visit often – there’s always new material. And if something piques your curiosity, or rubs you the right or wrong way, please leave a comment – we read them all, and respond if we think doing so wont make a ginormous mess.

Carlton Thurman, sometime lawyer, writer, and itinerant philosopher, bids you welcome – with the hope that you linger, pass some time, perhaps to learn a bit, and pass on your experience to others.

The Field Guide has new material every week, and extensive archives of past posts – we hope you’ll check in often!


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