Hurricane Annie-Get-Your-Gun

Florida gets more than its share of natural disasters, and its state legislature is working hard to guarantee the safety of Florida residents in time of crisis. A bill that recently cleared Florida’s House of Representatives would permit gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit whenever an emergency is declared.

I know you’re thinking: wow, streets filled with freaked-out rednecks; frightened and confused survivors roaming in search of food, water and medical attention; hot, humid, overcrowded shelters; people angry, frustrated, confused, distraught – how better to perk up spirits, bring hope and speed recovery, than with an infusion of firearms! As a conservative will readily explain, every problem facing America today can be cured with a little extra paranoia and a high-capacity magazine….

This is among the most absurd examples of conservative fantasies about individual empowerment. Disasters are the archetypal case in which individual action is of limited usefulness – when people in the affected area largely depend on an organized response from outside. One can only wonder at the enthusiasm of first-responders as they venture into a newly-minted free-fire zone…. And never mind the fact that typical responses to natural disasters use curfews to diminish the threat of looting – now Florida’s legislature would guarantee the right to bear arms to roving bands.

A conservative in his application of the concept of personal liberty is much like a five year-old who’s discovered a pistol in his dad’s desk drawer. No matter its utility In the hands of a sound-minded adult, the young and-or developmentally impaired will find a way to kill himself with it.






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